The Second Ukrainian Gambling Forum was canceled

This is a starting discussion platform in Ukraine to discuss and determine prospects for Ukrainian gambling business development.

Recently, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy presented an initiative to introduce clear and transparent rules that will ensure opening of legal gambling market in Ukraine.

Implementation of the initiative will be a significant impetus for development of the tourism industry and the regional infrastructure as well as increasing of the local budget income.

Kherson region has a number of advantages: unique tourist potential, convenient transport infrastructure, favorable business climate, availability of promising investment land plots on the Black and Azov Seas coastline for hotel and gambling infrastructure of year-round operation.

That is why we are convinced that the Kherson region can and should be the flagship of the introduction of gambling in Ukraine.

We invite everyone involved in gambling industry and the tourism business to participate the event and share own vision on gambling business development prospects in Ukraine.

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Informational partner



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